Create●heART provides a variety of workshops that help participants express inner thoughts and feelings through creative & artistic processes. We serve the Greater Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer, & Amador counties. Most public workshops are in the Folsom — El Dorado Hills — Cameron Park — Shingle Springs area. Private workshops for groups of 6+ people.

It’s fun and promotes a soothing feeling for the heart, soul, and mind.

Workshops are designed to help the non-creative person feel creative.

At Create●heART, whether it’s just a time for creative play or working through difficult areas that need restoration, our premise is that healing of hearts can happen through hands-on expression by way of art.

Studies have shown that art heals by changing a person’s physiology and attitude. Involving the body, mind, and spirit in creativity and art transforms a state of stress to one of deep relaxation and contentment; from a state of fear to one of creativity and inspiration. Art can affect every cell in the body and can have a positive affect on perceptions and ability to connect to Truth.

Some of the greatest neurophysiologists have shown that while an individual experiences art, prayer, and meditation the same area of the brain “lights up.” And even more interesting is that each of these activities create similar brain wave patterns. These activities take us into our inner world–the world of imagery and emotion, of visions and feelings. Of healing and soothing of the soul.

Sherry Meneley, founder of Create●heART, is certified in life-coaching and Art4Healing®. She uses these methods, combined with inspiring forms of creativity, art, teaching, conversation, and atmosphere to create a warm and inviting environment that elicits a beautiful, memorable, and creative response in its participants.

Create●heART is a non-profit corporation that supports healing by teaching various methods of creative expression and art for adults, teens, and children.


I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you,
I will remove your heart of stone and make it a heart of flesh.

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