Heart Restoration

Heart Restoration gets to the core of what Create Heart is all about.

Please visit Heart Restoration for more detailed information, schedules, and more.

Heart Restoration Retreats are beautiful one-day and three-day retreats.

♥ Start the day with meditation, breath prayers.
♥ Breakfast
♥ Morning Lectio Divina –  if you don’t know what this is–you’re in for a treat.
♥ Private Reflection / Silence & Solitude / Journaling
♥ heART Session (creative art time!)
♥ Lunch
♥ heART Session (creative art time!)
♥ Private Reflection / Journaling
♥ Yoga – Breathing – Relaxation Techniques – Labyrinth – Stations Walk
♥ Dinner
♥ Afterglow Bonding / Dessert / Song or Worship / Evening Affirmation or Prayer

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you,
I will remove your heart of stone and make it a heart of flesh.

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