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My heart does happy-cartwheels when a new student arrives who is a little (or is very) fearful of being creative.

I have no idea how or why—but something (or someone) led them to Create Heart to explore “what could be.” (more happy-cartwheels)

And with some encouragement and a little bit of help—they begin to unlock their natural creativity. Before long the class time is up and they didn’t know time flew by so easily (it’s true—time flys when you’re having fun). They have a new spark in their eye. And feel relaxed, renewed, free-spirited, and excited to show others what they made with their very own hands!

More than teaching, and encouraging, this is what I live for. That spark is the fuel to my heart’s passion. That spark and joy I see in a student as they rediscover their ability to create beauty keeps confirming in my soul—”I’m doing the thing I was created to do.”

Celebrate with me the gallery of awesome stuff Create Heart’s amazing students have made

if no slideshow appears click here


I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you,
I will remove your heart of stone and make it a heart of flesh.

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